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Publication Fees

Total Page(1~4) Total Page(5~)
300,000 Korean Won n * 100,000 Korean Won

Personal Information

  • Notice that you can not modify your information (email address, password, etc) at all.
    Be cautious not to make any mistake.
Conference Title IC ME&D 2021
Manuscript ID
First Name  ex) Pierre, Gil-Dong
Middle Name
Last Name  ex) Milhiet, Hong
Mailing Address ZIP/Postal code :

Contact Phone Number
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Payment For Publication
How to pay
  1. The credit card option does not provide the service to
    issue the receipt for National Tax Service (NTS) of Korea.
  2. The Foreign participants should choose the "Bank-wire transfer" option
  1. For the Korean participants choosing "Bank-wire transfer" option,
    the receipt for National Tax Service (NTS) of Korea is issued.
  2. The Foreign participants will get the sales slip or receipt to
    prove their payment at the site of ME&D conference.

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